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“Today's marketing intelligence morphs creative

right-brain with engineering left...” B. Gringer



Sherlock Holmes: Each project begins with an understanding of the business goals, target market, market analysis, budget, and ends with an ROI results. The results are presented visually for quicker audience inerpretation. Findins should support predictive business projections that enable intelligent business planning.


An example, requested by Home Depot to provide strategy and analysis of product, market, competitive assessment/SWOT, charts, graphs, website analytics, and pricing in a formal bound business plans, that  are primarily facts, figures, statistics, financial plans/analysis often used to convert investors into partners. My last plan was 100 pages (available upon request) and generated $ 1/4 million in seed funding.

left brain.

Design: Delivering simple or complex offers to your target market through education, training & promotional collateral, ads, presentations


In our fast paced, frenetic world speed of concept is achieved through graphics and infographics which provides the target audience with a "birds eye view" of volumes of information or data.


right brain.

Copywriting: is the heart of the message that often requires greatness since delivering an affective message can require both creative right plus technical left - often the case especially with Consumer Products. Deliverying a compelling message to accompany great graphics is moving. "Every picture tells a story", as they say, but sometimes it takes a clever combination of words and pictures to tell a story quickly, concisely and in an entertaining fashion - alas infoGraphics. Copy can be profound, elementary, clinical... In business it is everywhere: product descriptions, historical overviews, Ad copy, privacy statements, employee handbooks,are just a few examples...

whole brain.

Technical Proficiencies

  • Lead Mgmt. (CRM) -- Zoho, Sage/Act

  • ERP/Database -- Oracle; SQL

  • Proprietary CMS -- Home Depot IDM,

  • Integrated eMerchant (EDI) - Commerce Hub

  • eCommerce Platforms --Shopify

  • Payment Gateways-- Paypal, Merchant Service

  • Social -- Hootsuite, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest

  • Automation -- Hubspot, Unbounce, Hootsuite, Mail Chimp, Google Analytics

  • Data Analytics (BI/Big Data)-- Tableau, SiSense

  • Text and Telephone Broadcast Campaigns --Callfire

  • Email Broadcast Campaigns -- Vertical Response, iContact, Zoho

  • Design/Graphics -- Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator

  • Microsoft Suite -- Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Publisher

  • Affiliate Solutions --Commission Junction, Affiliate, Commission Soup

  • Web Development/Content Mgmt (CMS) -- Joomla, Wordpress,

  • Dreamweaver, Homestead, HTML, FTP, Domain & Email Hosting

  • Forms & Surveys --Survey Monkey, Formstack, Wufoo, Formsite, Jotform

  • Web Analytics -- Google, Tableau, Webtrends, Google Analytics

  • PPC Ads -- Google Adsense

  • Landing Page Creators/Analytics -- Unbounce, Hubspot, Optimizely

  • PR --

  • Video Editing -- Adobe Premiere, Pinnacle Studio 8, Vimeo, Youtube

  • Others --Ring Central, Sugar Sync, Google Drive

  • International sourcing -- DHGate, Alibaba

  • Webcasting --Zoho, GotoMeeting

  • Desktop Sharing -- Log me in, Zoho, Teamviewer

  • Planograms - EZPog

  • Live-Chat Support Solutions -- Liveperson, Volusion, Live Contact

  • Cloud Based Business Communications: Ringcentral


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